In The Studio interview with Barcelona, Spain ceramicist, Miriam Cernuda.  A look at her techniques and inspirations.



On a recent trip to Barcelona, I stumbled upon a shop so beautiful and serene, I had to write about it. Working in the Redwoods is the studio/shop of ceramicist, Miriam Cernuda. It is a peaceful, minimalist’s dream– clean, white walls, beautiful ceramics and a few textiles and other “objets.” I was lucky enough to go In The Studio with Miriam Cernuda…

What are you most well-known/famous for?

I think what characterizes me the most are the minimalist lines and soft colors that I use, trying to find supporting textures that enhance the beauty of the same land with which my pieces are made.

What is your favorite artistic/design medium?

For me the favorite designs are the primitive ones. I like to be inspired by primitive or ancient forms and techniques that look to the past.

What is the weirdest tool you use in your art/design?

The tools I use are very basic, wooden spatulas, fishing threads even table covers can be very useful for some shapes or finishes.

What are your biggest inspirations?

For me the greatest inspiration is ancient cultures and objects of art and ritual in different epochs and territories.

Dream job as a child? Dream job now?

Since childhood I always liked to do things with my hands so I always knew in some way that this is what I had to do and that’s how it was. I have training in jewelry design and industrial design to which I was dedicating several years but without knowing very well how. In a very organic way the ceramics appeared in my life and took me to the world in which I am now. A lot of luck is what it had to be.

What is the vibe of your studio/workspace?

My work space is spacious, bright, ventilated and breathes a lot of tranquility. I like to wrap myself in the light and light colors that give me a sense of peace and make me be in a state of tranquility while I work. It’s the same way I like my clients to feel and what I want them to experience when they enter my space.

Describe you and your process on a good creative/artistic day.

I don’t really have a formula to create. Once I have found the starting point, I usually make some sketches… Putting my hands directly in the clay/mud is what I like the most and just let myself see what comes out. A “sentimiento!”

What do you do when you are creatively “stuck?”


Favorite music you listen to while working?

I like a lot of musical styles, but the piano is definitely something that transports me. Joep Beving Solipsism is my perfect song.

Favorite place in the world and why?

There are so many spectacular places in the world that I could not decide just one… Beauty is everywhere.

Ultimate goal for your work/art?

I am starting a travel ceramics project in which I visit ceramic artisans in different countries of the world who work in a very basic way and I learn from their traditional techniques and design. I will collaborate with them and make a collection of limited edition pieces. India is my first one.

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